A few days ago, I discovered that I have "s7.addthis.com" on my main computer, which I believe is a bad malware. I noticed some odd behaviour in my browser on some web sites. (I mainly use Pale Moon Version 25.3.1 x64).

My computer is running Windows Pro SP1 x64. Of course, I tried to find ways to remove it but, so far, nothing has worked.

I have already gone through all the steps before asking for help here, such as MS Malicious Software Removal Tool, ATF-Cleaner, GMER, MBAM, DDS, and have the scan logs.

Anybody on Daniweb willing to help me get rid of this crap?

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Adware eh

I would recommend Junkware removal tool

I'm not sure, but I think this is more than just adware. I ran all kinds of scanners, both on and off line without success. That's why I'm here. Thanks for the suggestion.

Switch to Linux? Not an option I suppose... Back up data to external drive. Scan and clean the drive for malware by another (uninfected) system. Wipe your system drive. Reinstall the system from DVD. Reinstall all your necessary applications. Copy data back to system from backup drive.

And when I say to wipe the system drive, that includes the boot sector, and you also might want to reset (wipe) the BIOS flash area. It keeps getting more and more difficult to get rid of this cruft!

Thanks rubberman for trying to help. I think your suggestions were a little extreme, but I'd already considered some of them.

After several days of trying to get rid of this myself, I think it's finally gone. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly what "worked" (or if it really did). Everything seems to be back to normal. So - rather than waste anyone's time, I will mark this thread as "solved".

Hopefully, I won't have to ask for more help on this issue in the near future.
I'd like to add that I had a lot of difficulty trying to paste my scan logs here. And I'm no wiser about that.

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