Hi i just wanna know if there are way to decrypt a files that is infected and decrypted by a virus / malware? all of the files from one of the workstation are encryted as in totaly you cannot open the files.there is a noted in there saying that i need to pay a certain amount of money for them to give the decryption key. i already tried using some decrypter tools that i found and also tried uploading it to decryptcryptolocker.com in hopes that it can still be decrypt , i already scan the computer using a bootable antivirus, tried using system restore , i also attempted to open the files on a previous version(but dont have this features). all of my files came with this extension document.XLS.hrputzk

By the way the virus came from an email with an attachement which my ever thinking colleague open in hopes to have an International Bank account

Help needed badly


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Never pay these thieves a penny! It's like leaving cheese out for the rats. They won't leave you alone! There are some of these malware encrypted systems that can be decrypted. Do a Google search to find out if there is a means to determine the code for the system in question. If not, cut your losses, wipe the system, and restore from backup - you do have backups, right?

The random 7 letter file extension is indicative of a CTB Locker aka Critroni variant. If so, there's no way to recover the private key needed to decrypt the files other than paying the ransom (playing ransom roulette).

Sorry for the late response been out for the holiday. so to cut the long story short, there are no possible way to decrypt any of the files without the KEY from the maniac. i already tried googling it but always come to a deadend. Yeah there is a backup but not really up to date.guess its better than to start from zero.



If anybody found a way around it pls let me know.

It is wrong to say that there is no way to find the key, in reallity it is just practically impossible(Currently) to do so.Just be aware for next time, randomware has significantly increased as cyber criminals see it as an easy payday because quite some people would actually pay the ransom to decrypt their personal files. A way around is to have everything back up'd , so if that happens just do a pure reinstall

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