Hi Friends, Upon a recommendation I have installed Advanced System Care 93. It seems to be doing what it claims.
I have not yet paid anything to upgrade but wonder if this is just another 'cash cow'? Anyone got any advice on ASC 93 please?

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From my experience IObit software is really not another "cash cow", their free products work well as stated, they even provide decent support, but just like any other free software from any anti-virus company it is not 100% certain it will do everything. If its free, you can use it, and they provide some guarantees, but if you want at least some form of certainty, paid products are usually the way to go. I think most major anti-virus providers and their free alternatives are relatively decent and ASC is no exception. Especially with the new 10th version coming out, it provides more and more features. If it works well and protects you, it does the job, right?

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