This is my 1st post on this Forum - Hello My Name is Michael and I'm from Poland :)

I have a question about security in Internet.
I'm active user of Internet and I have now some anxiety, maybe unjustified, but I have :(

I'm logged in webbrowser on my Google (Gmail) account (sometimes Facebook) and in this time I use other websites:
This is my Question:
Is my activity on these websites (and names of these websites) saving somewhere on servers: google, facebook or others servers information about me?
It worries me if in the future someone will be able to use information to against me (for example I'm talking with some person (not illegal topic for sure) on website discussion, but
maybe someone think that it can harm me and he/she do it, becouse have some reason - maybe I could be problem for him/her :( )
Could someone save information which gives him data who I am exactly and what I did in Internet and information about my Computer too?

Maybe this is stupid etc but trust me I have problem - I think I have 'Internet depression', which is very bothering for me :( Please understand me :)
Could I use active e-mail, which save this data(about my activity) and could owner of this email server (for example Google, Facebook) saving this data for ever about me and use it against me when he want?

Thank you very much in advance for help, information, which help me :)

Kind regards, Michael

Re: I think I'm endangered in Internet :( 80 80

How you feel about all this is up to you.

Whatever I write here may make you feel worse since it's well known that your ISP, Google, Facebook, governments and more collect data. If you don't want this collected, then don't post, email or write such on the internet. About the last protected communication today is written mail. but even that has limits.

Re: I think I'm endangered in Internet :( 80 80

The short answer is yes, Michael.

The longer answer is that there are ways to minimise your online footprint, but if you are already out there and have been for a while it's probably too late for that. If you are worried about your email then don't use Gmail etc, investigate encrypted email services. If you are worried about tracking, then investigate VPNs that don't keep logs. If you are worried about social media, then stop using social media.

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