Tell me the best antivirus that protect my PC from malware issues and keep secure all the data that i have in my computer.

If you are running Windows, there are none. Myself, I will not run Windows natively on my personal systems. When I need to run a Windows application, I do it in a virtual machine running Windows under Linux. My work system is Windows, but it is the responsibility of my company to provide proper security, including full-disc encryption. We are using the enterprise version of McAfee AV.

commented: True. If you want best antivirus, I'd say, go Linux. +2

I would try Bitdefender because its the best actually and a 3 timerunner for 3 years and has the best security features mind though they probably dont support 2014 anymore

Just use avast and you will good to go...!

Good choice Avast offers 1 year of free license when someone registers on their webpage.

I, personally, have Avast, Malwarebytes Antimalware, SuperAntispyware and CCleaner on all of my systems. Once a week I do a scan with each one of them and I never catch anything that I can't recover from. I know this seems like overkill but it makes me feel better about the security of my systems.

I never catch anything

You never catch anything that you/your AV software knows of ;)

and I have a windows partition, using Avast on it as well. Seems to be one of the best choices currently out there now especially that it is free

There is no such thing as the 'best', if there were, it will be the best selling,and only anti virus software on in the world.
Using anti virus software is just part of your protection, in order to make it work, you also need common sense and apply with caution, in our business, we use all variations depend on hardware and software, but the most common ones very found working ok most of the time are Avast and AVG, they are stable enough, the versions of Internet Security normally will take up a lot more resources as they do more for protection, so unless you have a powerful PC with a lot of memory, try steer clear of them.

Just like se25 said: There is no such thing as the best. The most reviews are based on own experiences. But I would recommend Avast, because it detects most virusses and it has a simple interface.

I use Malwarebytes Premium

I tend to recommend a triple whammy of:

Malwarebytes anti-malware premium
Malwarebytes anti-exploit premium
Kaspersky IS 15

All play nicely with each other, provide a decent enough 360 threat barrier for most home users and are not too resource heavy for most modern laptops.

I would recommend a quadruple whammy
Avast 2015 edition
Bitdefender 2015 edition FINAL
Trend Micro Maximum Protection
oh what was the last one? ah yes SuperAntiSpyware

Nobody use Norton or Webroot any more they work for me?

I have got Norton on a disk but I dont use it

I use avira anti virus it stop just about every thing and protects my windows pc when i load a hard drive via a external caddy to get rid of malware etc from customers hard drives as well as other anti rootkits because a lot of malware hides deep in the registry and needs to be removed via the registry bit by tiny bit ps im about to build a linux based pc that will do the above as well --ps malware code writters are getting more and more cunning at what code they write and its getting harder to deal with but i love the challenge

i suggest u try avg just keep it updated

The fact about AVG is that it coes with filthy toolbars you dont want and even changes your home page

If you really want a protection, paranoidal, I recommend you Comodo with Paranoid Mode on. I almost fell off the chair, when I found Comodo asking
"Can I allow explorer.exe access to C:/Users/admin/Desktop/games/".
"Can I allow firefox.exe access to registry keys".

For Windows systems I use ClamWin (ClamAV on Linux). It is free, open source, and the basis for most industrial strength AV appliances out there. It doesn't do on-load scanning, but can scan files, as well as memory. I think it can do boot sector scanning as well, but I'm not 100% sure of that.

None! I use Windows as my main SO and I gave up AV more than 5 years, ago and I only had one problem with malware because I plugged in a infected USB. After that I started using AutoRun Exterminator and had no more problems!

Why don't I use AV? I helped lots of family and friends to clean their PC from malware and viruses, and guess what? They'll all had some kind of AV, including Norton, Macfe, AVG and Avast.

So, what do I do to keep my pc working:
- Check Startup Programs and Services at least 2 times a week(and certainly after installing some new software)
- Check what is really running at least once a week(I use Process Explorer);
- Check for unwanted open ports with netstat
- Run CCleaner and Spybot once a week (there lots of similar)
- Download softwares from the original publisher or trusted sources.
- Read the instructions of any installer and only install what you really want (this seems so basic but I know lots of people that go 'next' without reading anything, then they don't know why Baidu is installed or why they have 20 tool bars on the browser)
- Use high secure browser settings to surf on unknown websites
- Down't download any exes that you don't know that it's safe!
- Use virtual machines to install uknown softwares before installing them in your real SO.
- Read user comments before downloading torrents
- Disable auto-run for unkown/infected USB Drivers

Do I feel safe? No! But I wouldn't feel safe with any AV also.

My point is: If you going to click like crazy on anything that appers to you, there's no AV that can save you.

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Alemonteiro-- i have now choice but to do what ido because i repair windows systems daily and they are more than often full of spyware etc avira block the external hd in the caddy gaining access to my pc so i can gradualy remove the nastys from the registry thanks for the info thought i will use it

Bitdefender antivirus..allround protection of your PC..

Pure courage! I don't use Antivirus Programs anymore! I use no protection and never been infected!

personally I use Avast for my laptop and pc

If you do use computer with internet, must need antivirus for your computer. kespersky is the best antivirus for computer.