Let me share how I began to understand Microsoft: A long time back when I went to Microsoft Redmond's campus for a seminar. I had two things I wanted to share since I thought Microsoft would want to look into this.

  1. A CD that when put into the PC would cause the PC to lock up. I didn't know why, I just thought it showed a bug.
  2. A jpeg file that when copied to the desktop would render that user's account dead. Even in safe mode until the file was deleted.

I waited my turn to meet with a couple of Microsoft engineers (lucky me!) and their response told me all I needed to know about Microsoft. maybe you can figure it out too. The engineers answer to these issues was "Don't do that."

Microsoft didn't consider things that we do or see as a bug. It's user error.

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If you find an answer, do let us all know. I had a 4 gig SD card that locked up my entire system every time I inserted it into the slot.

commented: I bet the Microsoft engineer's answer will be "don't do that." +15

Haha wow savage. Didn't expect this, but I guess thinking of many usage scenarios all the time can get annoying and they can't think of every single thing an user would do.

commented: I didn't tell all. Later the JPEG issue turned out to be exploitable. +15
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