For those very new to this area, please google SIM SWAP and discover a very nasty security issue with all phones we use today. At first glance the new security researcher might think I'm exaggerating. Do your own research and tell me you don't find this to be one of the most foul, nasty exploits I've seen in years.

This exploit was recently used to highjack a writer's phone at
His case is still developing with loss of accounts, tax returns he stored on the Clouds, and a 25,000USD Bitcoin purchase.

And we're not talking thousands of dollars in losses but millions. Take for instance an over 23 million USD dollar loss at

The current state of affairs appears to be DENIAL by the carriers that this is a problem. You can do your research and if you are like most I've talked to about this, it will shake your faith in all things smart phone and cloud based. So many are using their phone as their wallet and for now, until there are lawsuits that cost the makers of this disaster lose a few billion they won't see a reason to fix it.