Hi everyone,

I've searched through the threads and found a couple of people with the same problem, but I was just wondering if I should download HiJack and post my log or if another course of action was preferable. My problem is as follows:

Once I turn my computer on even before attempting to open my browser, a ton of internet explorer windows (we're talking over 50) open. It only just started a little over a week ago and is becoming rather annoying pretty quickly plus I don't want it to lead to more serious problems so I joined this forum hoping for the best.

If you could please let me know what I should do, that would be fantastic. Thanks a lot, everyone!

P.S. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong category or just posted incorrectly in some other way; I'm new to messageboards in general.

Welcome to the strange world of messageboards :)
If the other threads (like the proposed ones on the bottom of this page) didn't contain any help, a HJT log would be a good idea. Are the IE windows opening with certain websites?

Um it doesn't even necessarily open while i'm browing the web. Sometimes it pops up when I just sign onto my computer. I ran AVG and Ad-aware and found and dealt with some trojans and additional spyware, but i'm still getting these windows every now and then. Usually a little window pops up saying that a site (which is generally 62.4 ... something) is trying to access a site on my "trusted list" which is either winantivirus.com or sysprotect. I'm not exactly sure how to go about generating a HJT log but will scan the site and post one asap if it'll help with the diagnosis. Thanks a lot!

Download HJT: http://www.majorgeeks.com/download3155.html

To post a HijackThis log, please do the following:

Create a folder for HJT outside of any Temp/Temporary folders and move/extract HijackThis to that folder now. A folder such such as C:\HijackThis or C:\Spyware Tools\HijackThis will do.

Run HijackThis, but do not have HJT fix anything yet; only have it scan your system! Once the scan is complete, the "Scan" button will turn into an option to "Save log...".
Save the log in the folder you created for HijackThis; the saved file will be named "hijackthis.log". Open the log file with Windows Notepad, and cut-n-paste the entire contents of the Notepad file here

Please enter "Winantivirus" in the forum's search box and follow the instructions you find (run Vundofix and post the log).