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.. you should be pleased..?? MyWebSearch... k, some folks may like it... but really it is just OneCare doing its job for you - i assume you have that pgm? To fix the issue go to add/remove pgms via control panel and remove any pgms related to this..My Web, My Way, Search Assistant. Track them down in your program files folder and delete them there also.


Hi johnthorne.

First of all- welcome to Daniweb :).

We ask that members not piggy-back questions on to a thread previously started by another member here in the Viruses, Spyware & other Nasties forum, (regardless of how similar your problem might seem). Not only does it divert the focus of the thread away from the original poster's problem, but it also makes it less likely that you yourself will get the individual attention that you need.

Please start your own thread and post your question there. When you do, please try to give us as much specific info as possible regarding the problem (exact error messages, system specs, etc.).

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Thanks for understanding.


Follow the directions in this post and post the logs please.

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