Hello, I am new here and I am ahving some trouble with my computer.

I cannot start my computer in the normal mode, it freezes up during the windows xp screen with the blue bar at the bottom. That bar stops moving. The only way I can start it up is through safemode. When I try to run the norton antivirus scan, it works for a while. But then it stops and the computer restarts and the process starts all over again. I belive I have a virus on my computer, does anyone know which one and how to get rid of it?

Thanks alot in advance, I hope someone can help me fix this.

Yep, with a AV product... :)
First off cleanup a couple of folders to reduce the number of false scan log entries by deleting your temp internet files and cookies. Now try to start in Safe mode with Networking.
===Then try an online scan at panda:- http://www.pandasoftware.com/products/activescan?
-select the link to the scan... free online virus scan, enter a valid? email and follow through, choosing My Computer for a full system scan.
Post the log it produces here.
Failing that, you are probably looking at a windows Repair; or slaving your HD in another computer, copying your vital files, and reinstalling the OS.

Opps. Azntam, i forgot to mention, because you can get to the Windows advanced option screen [from where you enter safe mode], you should try as a first resort Last good Configuration option.
If that does not help, then you could try system restore: in safe mode go start > run, and type or paste this in and press enter:
...tell us how you get on.

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