Hello everybody,

I'm buying a new laptop sometime next week...I was just wondering what I should install on it so I do not have to deal with spyware or any related problems any time soon?

I'm going to adjust the direct x settings...but what else? I know I'm going to need my antivirus, and I've been running avast on here for a couple of years...I do like the AVG anti-spyware, too...but do I really need to keep both programs?

Also, when it comes to spyware guard, spyware blaster...those types of programs...do I really need those right off the bat on a new system, or is it best to install them now?

And OF COURSE I will be placing Hijack This on the computer ASAP :)

Thank you in advance for any replies...everybody on this forum is always so helpful and knowledgeable!

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Im using Bitdefender now, for about a yr. I like it.
I was using Avast , Ad-Aware and Sygate Firewall before that.

Hope this helps.


Crazy, I run AVG FRE [AS], Zonealarm, Spywareblaster. That's it. And had only one case of spyware about two years ago, never a virus. Course, if you dredge the sewers you're gonna come up with a rat in your hand sooner or later. No AV is perfect. AS? I have Adaware and AVG 7.5, run them maybe monthly. Surfing wisely is a must. Hijack this? dl it only when you need it... same with other special tools.
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