Hi, well i dont no what happned but, i come onto my pc with xp installed and i cant see no desktop, no start menu, i put explorer.exe in and it shows me toolbar. and another file pop's up and stops it which is verlsid.exe it is to fast to end it, it flashes and its off, i have tried to do system restore but it go can only go back one day ago, and it started about a week ago, so its stuck on may with no bold bits to click on i have tried also safe mode but my freinds dad made my pc and he has xp disc so i cant really install it again i have got fix xp desktop it says theres nothing to be repaied.

SO please il do anything give me a souloutin to this give me a program please please..

Thank you all


does safe mode work?

tap f8 many times as soon as the pc starts up to get to the safe mode menu

yes but it says safe mode in all corners with black screen and doesnt go any futher?

You might want to check for conflicts in Device manager when you go into Safe mode.
If you find any exclamation points I would recommend to remove them and if there are any duplicate drivers. Might need to reinstall the graphics driver.

You usually get this when you or a program changes the video settings to a resolution that places the OS out of range.

Hope that helps

RueB 2s De.

If its possible i would log on normally and use task manager to open IE or Firefox via File>New Task in task manager and type either iexplorer.exe or firefox.exe. Then use that to download and run HJT.(look in stickies) After you scan with that it will open up a notepad files automatically. Copy and paste the contents of that notepad files here in your next post. Also if you can download AVG antispyware and run it. You can download that here. Post the AVG log too if you can. And be sure to set AVG to delete the files not ignore them.

If safe mode will not startup and not getting the Startmenu you might want to try unhooking any additional devices. IE..plug in PS/2 keyboard and mouse no wireless keyboards or Mice. Remove printer, palm pilots etc...

Try again and see if you can get into SAFE MODE WITH OUT NETWORKING.

Let me know how that goes. If you can obtain your startmenu then go to your control panel. Hardware tab device manager and check for conflicts.

Any drivers listed with an exclamation mark be sure to remove.

You might want to run sfc /scannow and see if the System File checker finds any errors.

where are stickes

Go to the main Viruses and other nasties forum and look at the top.