I have a problem with my internet explorer, if i open it up, i am able to type something into google (as its my homepage) and get onto a website from there but if i then type an address into the bar from that page, it will try to open but another explorer will try to open with nothing on it. It then all freezes and i then have to go into tast manager to get rid of them but it is oftern quite hard to close this blank explorer. The CPU usage also goes to 100% hense probably why everything freezes. I've tried many different programmes to find any virus's to get rid of this problem. I have had to use my old computer, log onto msn from another account go into msn on my infected computer and send myself the downloaded programmes as i obviously can't download anything because of this problem.

Any help thanks

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Most of the IE problems are resulted from the addons that most of the time you don't know that it is on your computer and some of them are really bad to your computer. In all cases go to tools menu in IE choose addons and disable all and every one in the list. It will not harm IE, on the contrary it will run faster and I hope the problem will be solved.

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