Today, December 26, is the first day of LinuXmas, the Festival of Distros. This three day, three night uber fest of booting new Linux distributions is a new tradition for geeky boys and girls around the world.

Here's how it works:

Download Live Linux CDs from DistroWatch, burn them or use a virtualization software to boot and discover as many new Linux distributions as possible. What could be more fun than that? You could also learn something about Linux in the process.

The current top distributions waiting for LinuXmas madness are:
1. Ubuntu - No surprise here and a great place to start.
2. OpenSUSE - Big surprise here--they didn't get the memo.
3. Linux Mint - Really nice distro for a Desktop.
4. Fedora - RedHattish and mostly cool.
5. Debian - A perennial top 10 and Father of many Distros.
6. PCLinuxOS - A very strong contender for your Desktop.
7. Mandriva - Those French have a different word for everything.
8. CentOS - My personal choice for a Server system.
9. Dreamlinux - Looks interesting with USB install and remastering.
10. Damn Small Linux - Awesome tiny distro!

These will get you started but here are a few others that you should try too in your LinuXmas celebrative efforts:

Frugalware Linux - Let's make things Frugal!
Zenwalk - Ever tried Zen computing?
Ultimate Edition - Redefining the Ultimate Operating System.

LinuXmas is a time for geeky friends to catch up on movie quotes and trivia, drinking root beer, arguing about whose D&D character is stronger, who would win in an all-out fight between Spiderman and Wolverine, playing video games, and enjoying the ultimate LAN party with those Linux distros.

Happy LinuXmas to you or as the Germans would say: "Froehliche LinuxNachten!"

Write back and tell me about your personal LinuXmas experiences.