Everyone knows that Linus Torvalds 'is a Linux' but did you know he is also a born-again gnome?

An Australian interview with the often outspoken creator of the Linux kernel, Linus Torvalds, has revealed that he is a gnome once more. Well, OK, that he is a GNOME user once again having made the switch back from KDE.

It doesn't, to be fair, seem like that long when Torvalds was complaining that GNOME was pants by being too simple to do what he needed. Indeed, a couple of years back he changed from GNOME to KDE. Now things are different, and it would appear that the problem is KDE 4. When this was released it came with rather a lot of changes, including many at an architectural level. Unsurprisingly it has got more than a little negative press for being a somewhat half-baked upgrade. Torvalds himself calls KDE 4 "a disaster" and says it uses a painful "break everything model."

Complaining that his right button no longer does what he wants his right button to do, Torvalds argues that the 4.0 release was done badly. "The desktop was not as functional" he insists in his Network World interview, adding that "it was just a bad experience for me."