Xenon: An Inspired Linux Project

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Back in October '08, I wrote "5 Things I Wish Linux Had" but never realized that it would inspire the heated debate (Read the comments) that it did. I also didn't realize that it would inspire an actual operating system. One of my readers commented briefly that he would take on the project. With the inspired words, "Alright then. I'll make you one," amongst the fray of negativity, a new distro was born: Xenon.

Xenon is the brainchild of British developer and student, Dan Dart. Over the past few months, Dan has gathered steam and inspired other developers and members to join the effort--most notably, Kumail Hunaid and Kevin Ghadyani who is now hosting the project on his site.

A summary of the Xenon project in Dan's own words:

Dan Dart wanted to change the world of the operating systems forever. He and Kumail Hunaid decided to come up with an operating system that was simple, unique, and had an exciting user interface ready to break the boundaries of convention. They set forth to create Project Xenon, the beginning of an operating system revolution. With a goal set, the vision for Xenon preinstalled on a majority of future hardware, is becoming a reality.

Project Xenon, codename for Xenon, shows an already working version of this futuristic operating system. The nomecature aligns with trace amounts of a noble gases citing a blend of stability and uniqueness. There will be no updates or patches. Since everything is web-based, Xenon will administer rolling updates which your browser will interpret on-the-fly. We plan to sell merchandise and services in tide with Xenon for the upkeep of this wonderful operating system combining easy-of-use with minimal requirements.

If you're interested in participating in the Xenon project, current project members are looking for those who can program in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and a cross platform GUI language.

Xenon is a collaborative effort and looks to be a project nothing short of extraordinary. I'm looking forward to using it on my Netbook--so get involved with the project--my Netbook is waiting.

Would you like to hear about more projects like this or do you have one that you would like showcased here? Use the Comments section to tell us all about it.

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