I have a machine with Windows XP installed on it with the remote access enabled. Is it possible to access /log into it and control the PC from another machine with Fedora 8 on it?

Thanks in advance...

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There are two paths you can take but I've just tested one:
1)Use Wine in Fedora to run mstsc.exe in linux and simulate .exe runtime environment.mstsc.exe is in your windows\system32 directory or can be easily downloaded from microsoft.com website.
2)Use VNC.It means that you should download WinVNC on windows XP which would act as your server.And use VNC client that you use in Fedora to access your Windows XP machine.

The second solution that I've also tested is much better because it doesn't throw the currently logged in user out but the first one does because of windows XP limitation of one user at a time.

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Hi mostafadotnet,

Thanks for your suggestion.

I see that using VNC method will leave the windows system open i.e. others will be able to see what i am doing on that PC where as, while using mstsc, it will just showing that the PC is locked. Is there any way to achieve the same effect through VNC?


use RDP

man rdesktop

rdesktop is definitely the way to go, and you might want to install tsclient.


This thread needs just one more person recommending rdesktop.

Use rdesktop.

And my work here is done.


TightVNC on XP works well for me.
Can remote from any of my Linux boxes or my Android phone from anywhere.
Also secure using ssh.

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