How can I produce supertext in Linux?

edit: The name of this topic should be " produce supertext" in stead of " use supertext" but I think you all get t he point

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I don't get the point. While I know of super and sub-script, I googled SUPERTEXT and well, what is it?

What I mean is accents. Like: à, è, ù

I will have to guess again you need a quick recap of "how did we get here."

It all began long ago with the Typewriter then the Teletype Model 33. The binary code behind characters and computers was ASCII for the longest time.

The accents you ask about have never been called SUPERTEXT by anyone but hey, you clarified. To get to other character sets we are now using UNICODE and such. Any decent Word Processor (for Linux try LibreOffice) lets me select such with ease.

I have LibreOffice installed. I see that you can select Special Characters. That's a way to produce characters with accents. But isn't there a way to get to those characters in the whole system? Like in Windows: typing ' and then e does the trick.

Even in Windows you can't do this in all apps and the system. For now because "how we got here" many apps such as plain text editors, filenames and more may be limited to ASCII (8 bit.)

If some app does allow UNICODE then there are articles/tutorials for you:

I think I know enough for now.

I left out one major character encoding method in computing history. It is called by the acronym EBCDIC. It was at first a 6 bit system and later 8 bits. No accents there.

What I was aiming for is the Windows-way of bringing forth characters with accents. Now that I got to know the way of using UNICODE my need is a little bit decreased. Still, I someone knows how to get the Windows-way integrated in Linux I would be very happy! :-)

  1. Try the Compose key method. Noted atë

  2. Use an on-screen keyboard. Since there are many "Windows" ways, I can't guess the method you wish.

Finally the answer is no. Windows, Linux and Apple differ. Here's an area they differ. If you wish to fix it, join those OS dev forums and start a new project to make it "work like Windows."

Thanks. That's the answer I was waiting for.

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