I'm finally looking to move a project onto my very first dedicated server.

However, I'm looking to use mod_rewrite a few times, not least with csgal's excellent mod_rewrite for vBulletin.

My problem is that I've found is that some servers have PHP installed to run from CGI, and in this environment, the default vBulletin 3 static archive will not work.

For the vBulletin mod_rewrite tutorial, will it matter at all whether PHP is installed as a PHP module, or CGI?

As this topic offers wider discussion on issues of installing PHP via Apache or CGI, I thought it might be worth making this a thread in itself.

PHP as CGI is not as efficient when running - but there are some good reasons for doing it that way (see http://www.fastcgi.com/devkit/doc/fastcgi-whitepaper/fastcgi.htm which probably gives the best answers to that I could find, and besides which I've been using FastCGI and PHP with Zeus for a year or so with very good results!).

It depends entirely whether you want the performance or the security..



If yours is the only site on the server you most likely don't need it set up like that (phpsuexec). phpsuexec is usefull for tracking down the user responsible for running a certain script, because php runs as the user instead of "nobody". Just keep an eye on /tmp to be sure your scripts aren't being used to download and run programs out of /tmp as nobody. I'd suggest adding mod_security to prevent users of your site from doing that.