Okay, so I feel dumb.. I'm trying to ./configure something, but it comes up with an error saying that I don't have an acceptable C Compiler... Fair 'nuff...

The question is, where do I get one, how do I install it. I've been scouring the web now for two and a half hours, but I don't even know *what* to look for, or where to look. I have RH9, and run in console mode (Machine not beefy enough for a GUI).

I hope someone can help me, and help me in noob terms.

Thanks in advance.


Aparently, you did not include any development libraries from your software installation. For example, on RedHat, you have the option to install development libraries and can choose the various languages.

I think that the easiest way to do this is re-install your box with the distrobution that you have (RedHat, Slackware, Mandrake), and choose in the options to install all of the development tools.

You could try getting the .rpms or tar files for all these things, but I think the amount of dependancies and syncing it all together would be a troubling task.

Others may have other opinions. I think if it was me and RedHat, I would be re-installing.


On top of probably not having installed the compiler, you probably also don't have the kernel-source/kernel header files installed either, and you will need those to compile form source. Neither the compilers nor the kernel souce/header packages are installed by default (don't ask- we know they should be, but the developers don't seem to), so you would need to do as Christian suggests and install the development packages (as well as the kernel-source RPM).

Considering that you won't have any GUI tools to help you out, and the fact that using RPM from the command line is about as much fun as stuffing porcupines into various body cavities, I'd go with running the installer again and choosing the appropriate packages from there. If you use the custom install mode you should be able to do an upgrade from there (that is, only add the packages you want) instead of having to do a full reinstall.