I installed RH 8.0. It didn't detect my sound card which is a SB16. After installation I ran sndconfig, had no such fil or command. So I installed it since it wan't installed and it gave me the same error when I installed it. I ran the command at root. What gives? Thanks. :cry:

How did you install it? As an RPM package? What if you type rpm -q sndconfig ??

It gives ne the following: sndconfig-0.69-1
Yes I installed it as a package. :cry:

I found the file in /sbin, but when I click it it has file not found. :cry:

And you have tried logging in as root and just typing in "sndconfig" ? Not doing an su but actually logging in in a new tty?

I always don the "su: to log on as root. How can I do the other way? :)

Basically, when you first login, login as root instead of your normal user. I think you'll have access to sndconfig that way. By default, you have 6 teletype terminals (ttys) to work with. You can access them with ctrl+alt+F1 through ctrl+alt+F6. You can also switch back and forth through them. When you first load your machine, it will be set to the first tty. You can login as your normal user here. Then type ctrl+alt+F2 and login as root in the 2nd tty. I'm almost postive sndconfig will work for you.

Hi cscgal,
Once I'm in tty, how can I boot to the desktop from there? I tried sndconfig from there and it didn't work so I cd /sbin then ./sndconfig and it worked....Joe:lol:

Type startx :) F1-F6 control 6 terminals. F7-F12 control 6 X sessions.

As a tip: I find that when working as a normal user and then have to run a series of priviledged commands, I do:

su -

which means that when you become root you'll inherit the root environment (including all environment variables such as the path, and so on). This makes it much easier to run programs such as sndconfig or ifconfig, for example.



please how do get to the tty?
how do i get my sound working?
how do i use the command(s)?

this is my first time of working on linux

>please how do get to the tty?
Open up a terminal application if you're in a graphical environment. For example, Konsole.

>how do i get my sound working?
Install the drivers for your soundcard.

>how do i use the command(s)?
What commands?

In other words, until you provide
- the distro and version you're using
- the soundcard in your computer
there's no way to help you.

The OP was from 2004!

Dont hijack peoples threads benakins!

thanks for your reply.
have try to install the sound driver but it was not running and i think is because is not compartible with linux OS; my motherboard is a pc chips board & i used the driver that comes with it.

i mean the command sndconfig

please can you send me the format of how i wii use the tty with sndconfig.

thanks have a wonderfil day