Can someone please help me? Im new to linux and im trying to learn as fast as possible. I have recently installed freespire on my spare pc as an crossover from windows. Ive learned of Wine and I need to know how to install it/where to get the right version for freespire.

Thanks in advance

Steve Woodman

on freespire use CNR (click n run) or Synaptic

i think freespire is debian based, in which case you can use CNR (that might be in the non-free linspre only - i dont know, apt-get (a command) or synaptic (a gui frontend for apt-get)


apt-get update
apt-get install wine

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I did use cnr after and it worked. However, I switched os's and im now using Kubuntu. I find this has much more support.

synaptic and apt are the methods for kubuntu, or you can use the add/remove thing (but i think thats only on ubuntu, i dont use K)