Ok here goes, I am a mac guy, OSX is perfect for me, simple, does its job quietly and never gives me problems. Thats the only way I can handle any computer, trouble free. I now have a laptop (windows XP) that I bought for my ex-wife that she just gave me back because it never has seemed to be right from the time it was new and she gave up and bought a new MacBook. I have been told that I can change the OS over to Linux and even use a GUI that will pretty much be the same environment as the OSX that I know and love. The machine now goes to a blue screen on start up and repeats start up, this started after I on the advise of a windows guy ran a registry cleaner under the guise that that would fix all. I just want XP gone and a running machine... All I want to use it for is internet access and word processing...
The machine is a Compaq Intel Celeron based machine, about 1.5 yrs old I think it is either a 1.8Ghz or 2.0 Ghz machine. I am not that comfortable with monkeying with the install process, so I would like that to be as clearcut as possible.... Thanks for any and all advise and sources for the actual product...

Linux distintutions can have many different GUIs. Gnome or XFCE GUI's are probably best if you are used to OSX's one

I would reccomend ubuntu. Ubuntu is a linux distibuttion that uses the gnome desktop. it is aimed at complete beginenrs to linux and can be run straight off the cd without installing so you are able to see if you like it before you install.

Agreed, Gnome is generally more appealing to Mac users than other window managers. If you really like Mac OS X, consider installing this theme after Gnome and Beryl are installed:

Enjoy ;)

That aqualook desktop looks perfect, have tried out the Ubuntu and after I burn the files I want to keep out of XP to CD's I'm going to permanently load it to the machine (not enough room to partition, have to wipe HD and load) My questions are, Ubuntu already has gnome? where would I download beryl from (beryl is stable and reliable?) and how would I load beryl and the desktop file download to be up and running in that "Faux" OSX aquamarine theme you gave me the link to...Thanks!

yes ubuntu's default desktop is gnome.

you can install anything in ubuntu by doing (from command line)

apt-get update
apt-get install (nameofpackage)

>where would I download beryl from
You can download Beryl from quite a number of mirrors. The harder part is installing the thing, so I suggest checking out this Wiki entry on the installation:

>beryl is stable and reliable?
Yes, very much so.

>desktop file download to be up and running in that "Faux" OSX aquamarine theme you gave me the link to
Install a window decorator such a KWin, which allows you to install themes that use Beryl.

Every single time someone recommends Ubuntu for new users I want to friggen scream.

Ubuntu IS NOT the best for new users...there is one based on Ubuntu I'd recommend hand and fist over it...SimplyMEPIS.

Now if you're a Mac Guy and you want something that has a bit more eye candy than Ubuntu and are putting this on a laptop, I recommend Mandriva or PCLinuxOS.

i am not reccomending ubuntu as hes a new user. Im reccomending it as it has a livecd mode and is easy to get up and running using easyubuntu/automatix

buildersmedia it sounds like your computer would be perfect for MEPIS. Throw a gig or more of ram and you would really be zipping along. Look through mepislovers.org if you can't get your problem fixed yourself or on this site or linuxquestions. Linuxquestions has a MEPIS specific forum.

The new version of MEPIS that I am using can read AND write to ntfs so it will help any windows user in trouble.

I am using SimplyMEPIS 6.5 Rc1 32. There is a 64 bit version that has been quite a hit with the amd crowd at mepislovers.
When you first boot the 6.5 Rc1 live disk you are given a lot of boot options. I can tell the live cd that I want the nvidia driver and it sets it up so I can play with beryl while on the live disk. Still have to hit the f3 key to set your resolution. When the boot option screen appears hit the f3 key, set your resolution and all will be well.

MEPIS is a lot better with wireless than it has ever been from the feedback at mepislovers. Nothing but praise so far compared to a lot of grief posts that used to hit MEPISlovers concerning wireless woes. :)