got ubuntu harried heron on CD and ran it several times love it! finally installed it after setting up new primary partition with win 2000 and ubuntu each 32 gb Everything works fine except when I boot into ubuntu I need a password and never had the chance to select one? trying to reinstall got problematical re the partitions. so I exited. I have win 2000 Suse 10.3 and now hopefully ubuntu 8.04 via grub. The safe mode boot for ubuntu didn't seem to help.
What did I do wrong??
athlon 1.2 ghz 512 kb ram 128 gb hard drive etc pretty older standard system. Suse 10.3 works just great. I want to use ubuntu 8.04 exclusively in the future.

Hi, try root as the user and password

You could boot off the install disk and go into its recovery mode, electing to mount the file system under /mnt when prompted (at least, it should I believe). After the file system mount is complete, you should be given a choice to drop down to a command prompt and exist as the root user.

Find the line (should be at the top) that beings with your user name. Edit the file containing that user's password and delete the LotsOfSeeminglyRandomJunk between the first ":" and the second ":" characters from the left. Use vim (/usr/bin/vim) to open the file.

vim /etc/shadow

It will look something like this: user:LotsOfSeeminglyRandomJunk:13924:0:99999:7:::
After editing the line, it should look like this: user::13924:0:99999:7:::

Save and quit by hitting your Esc key then typing what follows before hitting your Enter key :wq!

Reboot, removing the install disk. Log in as your user with a blank password. then reset the password like this:

sudo passwd user [press enter]
[enter password]
[enter password again]