I was having a problem in start up my fedora 9 (system freeze). After googling, I entered the setting before os boot up and modified the kernel by adding:

iommu=noagp acpi=off noacpi and take off the "rhgb quiet" at the end and from then on I could successfully boot my fedora 9.

However, this change is not permanent. Every start up I have to make the change. Does anyone know where and which config file contain the kernel options that I can modify the above for good? Thanks much

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I am not quite sure if this is what causing the problem. but it seems like if I shut down the server by the remote pc, then the next time boot will need me to login with the server box. (remote box won't be able to connect) If i login with the server box and leave it running it should be fine.

I think this is not a big problem, but if anyone have any idea why it would be great. thanks

p.s. when remote pc won't be able to connect, server box if connected to a monitor, you will see "login: " for login and password etc. however, you won't have GUI after login.

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