Hi, I am using USb cdma modem to surf net in Windows. but I want to use same device in Ubuntu for surfing net.
How can I do that? I tried but while scanning modems ubuntu displays the message that no usb modems were detected.
Now please provide me the way how can I get connected to internet in ubuntu using same usb modem of G-Link CDMA 1X, China.

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I suggest googling this, it's a very specific question, unless somebody has that same device.

1. You can easily install Wine through the repositories. Ubuntu will automatically configure and install it for you. You can go to System, then Administration and Synaptic Package Manager, search for it and mark for installation.

You may also use the command line. Simply run:

sudo apt-get install wine

2. plug your USB CDMA stick, and open it and You should install your Ms Windows driver using the Wine emulator , this is the case the driver of USB sdma stick is inside your stick.

If you got the driver on a CD or a directory, Using Wine will help you to install it as you do using MS windows,

if you need some assistance, just browse here:

Have Fun !!!

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