Hi All,

I am very new to the web-server world with a decent level of understanding in www and little knowledge on Unix.

I have a laptop 1.5GHz, pentium core 2 duo, with Ubuntu installed in it. I have a DSL connection and I dont have a domain name.

I wish to setup this laptop as a webserver to host my own sites.

Could anyone provide me step by step instruction to do that.

Thanks in Advance,

Check out this previous thread:

* daniweb.com - Looking to start dedicated server

There is a link there to this site:

* How do I host my own website at home?

I myself looked into starting a home server, but decided the economics (time and money) of it didn't make sense.
I'm sure you have your reasons for buidling a laptop webserver. (Again, I was thinking along those lines as well.) In my humble opinion it would be challenging to run a webserver off your laptop. Whenever you turned it off, your pages would be down. I've read that, these days, you should turn off your laptop fairly frequently or they want to burn up.

Anyway, I hope the information linked is helpful and good luck to you.