I'm having a small problem. After installed a routine system update, which included the newest Java update (though I'm on 10.4.11) I have lost access to my localhost! I thought it was a problem with my server, so I installed another server using MAMP, and through MAMP I can access my localhost, but I still can't connect to my old localhost...and of course the trouble is I can't get access to all my phpmyadmin databases which were stored on that old (and now seemingly lost) localhost server...

I guess I shouldn't have clicked the system update for Java...I don't know why I would be given the option if it wasn't compatible.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can recover all my old phpmyadmin information off my old localhost? I'm in a minor state of panic.


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Minor state of panic? Why?
You assume that it has something to do with Java, however you did not mention what type of server you running Tomcat or Apache?

I'm using Apache. PHP5

Thanks for your help!

p.s. I'm easily put into a state of panic.:)

Java as long not specifically set up with extra libraries has no dealing with Apache server. Are you sure that you just didn't disable process for Apache start up when you start your pc? Under which system you running Apache Windows or any of the Unix flavours?

It's Apache (Unix) from Mac.

It's possible. How do I check if it's been disabled?

In my system preferences it indicates that my former localhost server is running. but my browser will not connect.

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