hi everyone,

I would like to thanks for replying me in my first thread,
and now i am confused about unix, i mean what is the defference between the linux and solaris, how do they are related with unix, and which one is better.
where can i find free downloads for those. and can i install them in different machines, i have a celron machine.
how to start it , to get a good command on it.

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unix and linux are very similar. solaris is unix, you can get it herehttp://www.sun.com/software/solaris/get.jsp.
you can get linux downloads anywhere, as there are hundreds of distros available. www.osdir.com is a sight that reviews different operating systems, so you can check there, they usually have download links.
you can't really compare a say one is better than the other. it's a personal choice.
you can install linux on virtually every machine, it usually runs better on older hardware.
the best way to get started in unix or linux is to download a distro, install it and use it. just remember google is your friend, and you have any questions you can post them here.



As you can tell, there are only a handful of operating systems that can officially be considered "Unix". There are however many derivatives of "official Unix", most notably, the BSDs (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, etc.). Linux, on the other hand, does not have any Unix parentage, it started as a clone, and continues to be that way.

Diagram of Unix history:


>linux was never a clone of unix
Uh... I think you need to review what a software clone is.

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