I'm a web developer and am looking for a portable device that I can load a LAMP install on *Ubuntu for the linux part*...something with some reasonable power and that I can use as a total dev machine...you know something I could tear up with all those "obscure" installs that I wouldn't care about nuking/wipe later if i wanted to or things got too mucked up

at first I was thinking of either a Dell studio hybrid or even going a MAMP route with the mini...but then saw the 9" netbooks and thought that might be a better thing since i might not always have a monitor with me ;)

so I'd like to ask you smarter people about any recommendations on these netbooks *and brand if you have a favorite :)* or should i just stick with one of the mini types and just carry around a KVM

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I am assuming that you do not need much horsepower. The Netbooks are neat, but do not provide big crunch power under the hood. This should not be a problem for [LMB]AMP development.

One thing to note is that most netbooks do not include a cd-rom drive. So, the initial install may be a hassle.

I am looking at a Lenovo S Series (~$400) and have an Asus EeePC (still with WinXP). I am still looking to see if anyone offers such a device without a Windows pre-install (have not looked too terribly hard). The Asus does fine with web browsing - I have not tasked it with anything else. I am aiming to make the Lenovo a wifi/firewall device.


yes I don't need too much horsepower just a cheaper local dev machine...something that will run LAMP and handle higher end commands like AJAX requests and relatively good DB hits (say 100k records scanned in under a second)

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