I'm a newbies with Linux RedHat. I've followed your instructions on how to configure the samba and now I can see my linux server from Win98 computer.

My problem is how to create a new user. Let say, I logged in as win98 from Win98 PC and wanted to access to the linux server. In my smbpasswd file, there's no username called win98, how to do it?


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- Samba users must first have a general system account on the Samba server in addition to a Samba account. In Red Hat you can (as root) use the User Manager utility to do this. The utility should be available under your Programs menu; it can also be started with the following command:


- To add a Samba account, log in as root and run the "smbpasswd" command. Using your example username of "win98", the command would be:

smbpasswd -a win98

The -a indicates that you are adding a user. Once you issue the above command you'll be promted to type the user's password (and asked to verify it). The new user account should then be sucessfully created.

You can use the "valid users=" directive in your smb.conf file as one way of granting certain users access to certain Samba shares. Read some of the online Samba documentation for more on that and other options in the smb.conf file.


I am thinking of writing a how-to on this one for the tutorial section. I am wondering, however, if people use swat these days, or if they prefer webmin for configuring Samba. I would also develop the information so that the system would consider security and such.


But i dont have "swat" file on /etc/rc.d/init.d
How to have "swat" file ?

SWAT is the Samba Web Administration Tool, and you'll need instructions to get that going if you want to use the tool; Webmin is a more comprehensive Web-based administration utlity which gives you admin control over much more than Samba. I'll try to post more info tomorrow, but right now the steak is coming off the grill, so it's time for me to chow!.

BTW- thanks for following up on this Christian. :)

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