I downloaded a backtrack ISO and burned it to DVD. When I boot my computer from it, I cannot get it to work with the wireless device in my laptop... I have an acer aspire 5000 series with a broadcom 802.11g network adapter... Anyways to make it run more smoothly I downloaded VMware and ran it from the ISO, but now it doesn't even recognize my wireless network card, just my wired card "eth0." Since windows will use my wireless and connect to my wireless network, I was wondering if there was any way to sort of link the two... make the wireless card being used as windows, connect to eth0 in VM?
I can't figure out how to get it working; however when I run the wireless lan assistant, it autodetects the eth0 adapter, asks me to configure it and it defaults to "wired." I hit okay and get an error (attached). All I want is for this to connect to the internet--

oh, and since this is booted from a CD/DVD (or in this case ISO image), how can I save settings to it? So that I don't run into this trouble in future uses of the o/s?

It's probably late for an answer now, but the "eth0" IS your wireless card. For some reason, BT3 just calls some wireless cards on laptops "eth0" and not "wlan0", as you might have expected.

I've been working with BT3 on an Asus laptop, and it always calls my wlan card "eth0".

not too late, thanks for the tip