Dear IT Expert,

I have a workstation. It has 32GB RAM. I installed RHEL3 update 8 on it. Everything looks good untill I logout . When I logout, I got black screen. So, I never got the login screen anymore (after I logout). And, what strange is this problem was occured sometimes. (So, we can not suppose when it was happen) . When it was happen, I should kill the X-Server PID or press CRL + ALT +BACKSPACE, to restart the X server and display the login screen anymore. What should I do to solve this problem? Can anybody tell me what should I do, please?

Thanks for any response



I have no advice for you, but holy crap. 32GB RAM.

anything in the logs? errors in dmesg? misbehaving services? hardware?

I have no advice for you, but holy crap. 32GB RAM.

what's so strange about it? a simple 2U server can go up to 64gigs these days. 4Gb FBD DIMMs are sold freely, and that is not the limit. and with ESX taking over the market, the more memory - the better.

I'm just not used to things are above, say, like 4-8GB, seeing as I'm living in a desktop-computer environment, where computers cap at 3GB even.

well, it's not impossible to get lots of memory in a desktop environment, simply no reason to :)

It's not impossible, but pretty difficult when your notebook blatently says "MAX 3GB RAM MEMORY".