Hi everyone, I am a newbie trying to setup a linux dhcp server and want to run windows applications from a different partition. I installed rh9 and also my paritions but when I try to see them in kde gui I only see the one that rh9 and the swap is on??? :cry:

in order to see your windows partitions under linux, you will have to mount these partitions.
best thing to do is put the location of your windows partition into your /etc/fstab file.

first, make a directory under linux:
mkdir /windirectory

now, add a entry to /etc/fstab
here is an example:
/dev/hda4 /windirectory vfat uid=500,user,rw 0 0

put your linux UID where you see 500. this will allow for your normal user to write to the windows partition.

i'm not sure if i'm understanding what you need. it sounds like you say you want to "run windows applications" in linux. you're probably going to need to learn a lot more than how to mount the drives. ;)

You might be able to run *some* windows applications via WINE (windows emulator for linux)

Oh really? Where can i get this programme?

Do u know if it includes MSN 6?

"Do u know if it includes MSN 6?"
Why would you want to use that all us linux box owners use GAIM HERE
Sign up in here see ya at the BBS
Hope it works for you Good Buddy

Whoa, Big B, lay off Rob The goal of this site is to help each other, not criticize each other.


I'm aware of GAIM but not if it's feature list matches that of MSN 6. Thanks for the info.

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hi im james i need help becuase im trying to make a linux redhat 9 server and network windows 2000 workstations on the server linux but i dontknow how to setup up a dhcp in graphic mode