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Back up the entire partitions or just your system files? Linux does include back-up software (at least the RedHat distribution does). Otherwise, you can use programs such as PowerQuest DriveImage (www.powerquest.com) to back up your entire partitions to other drives or to CDs/other external media. It works pretty good and supports both Windows as well as Linux partitions.


This is just a quick question, is there any way to backing up linux a free and faster way?

The free Knoppix CD-bootable Linux comes with two backup programs: Partition Image and MondoRescue. I have used the first one multiple times with good results; it was quick and worked well. You can get more information on using it along with download links -- see my sig.


What is the backup utilities that comes with RedHat callled???? By using a program like drive image or something, that backs up the hard drive to another drive, to do this you need an other drive in your system. In my case I only have one drive in my system. I want to do a backup of the entire system over the network and put it to a windows server. Becuase I am new to linux, I dont know really what to backup, so I guess in my case it would be better to back up the entire system???

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I want to do a backup of the entire system over the network and put it to a windows server.

You can do it as I just described -- Partition Image can back up over a network or to a series of CD-Rs, if you have a burner. If you have multiple partitions on your single drive (you should), you can back up one part to the other and save it out later.


Can Partition Image read the new linux file system (ext3) becuase i know that Symantec Ghost Ent. 7.0 can only read ext2 and not ext3? This could be a solution, i'll have a look into it.



i downloaded partimage, started using it, its a great program, back up the entire system to any other hdd or even the networking :D

Thanks guys

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