i just did a fresh install of xp pro and i have less free space thann befor the install.its a fresh install where i deleted the old partition.before the fresh install i had 27.8 of free space now i have 26.2 help!!!

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So let me get this straight, you are missing about 1.6 gigs on your harddrive? Well, I am not sure about xp pro, but xp home takes about 1.5 gigs to load on the harddrive. That would be about right though, the operating system does use disk space. Am I even in the same ballpark as you are on your question? Sorry if I missed something.

hi.you are rite it does takup about 1.6 gigs.so i canned my harddrive with duplicate file finder and every thing is a double.i dont want to just start deleteing every thing...........

whenever i reinstall a fresh copy of my OS, i usually delete the old one 1st. then i boot from a diskette then start my installation. in doing so, i'm always sure that i dont leave duplicate useless, space-wasting files...

IF you want boot up windows xp from the disk and choose to delete and format the partition.

Windows XP Pro will take up about 2~ gigs/.

hi.oalee.the problem with the cd is that its not booting so i had to install over xp home.i need to find out how to replace the boot file on my cd.so i can make it bootable again and then reinstall xp pro....

could you boot from a floppy (start up disk) .insert the cd in the drive type the letter of your cd-rom drive (probably d:) shen type setup.exe to install from the disk it worked for me. but fdisk and format your HDD first and use a clean install.
or even when i first upgraded to xp pro from 98se i booted 98se inserted the xp cd clicked upgrade in the cd options. after the installation of xp the drive still had all my previous settings and ONLY had xp pro which i then had the choice of unninstalling xp in add remove programs

cool clearice i hope it sorts your problem :)

hi.drummerboy.there has to be a easyer way to do this i have both xp home and pro installed i should be able to delete the xp home some how?.instead of reformating.......

you install xp pro over xp home as an upgrade to xp home. just boot in to xp home insert your xp pro disk and click install and select upgrade in the drop down list( while still in xp home)

yes but the xp pro cd isnt bootable.and rite now the main os is xp pro.i should be able to delete xp home.........

yes but the xp pro cd isnt bootable.and rite now the main os is xp pro.i should be able to delete xp home.........

but youre not booting from the disk youre already in windows youve booted and when youre booted and actually in windows as an OS then put the cd in the drive go to my computer click on cdrom and go from there

no the cd is alegal copy it just has a corupted boot file or something.every time you reinstall the computer is given a new name.i just forgot to do a custom install instead of a upgrade.when i did the upgrade the computer name stayed the same.if i did a custom install it would of given a new name.and i could of deleted the old name and all the old files.........

so you litterally want a fresh install

i had the same problem while installing linux, windows took up 38 gigs even after i reformated because windows is evil and doesnt want you to uninstall it, so i had to install the small version of linux and then when i had it up and running (without the graphical interface) i deleted the windows partition, then reinstalled linux fully, dont know if this helps or not

thanks alot drummerboy.that helps......

hi.joe thanks for the reply i dont know about the evil but hard to get along with sometimes.......

yeah windows is good in my opinion im not saying its bad ;) but linux is more customizable:cheesy:

hi.joe.i have never used it.ihere its a good os..........

hi.joe.i have never used it.ihere its a good os..........

mate you could try knoppix its linux on a cd. it doesnt touch your hard drive it mounts all drives virtually you could look herefor more info or find the thread about it on techtalk. i used it and its convinced me to run it as a seperate OS.
id definetly recommend it. theres loads of linux versions ie redhat, mandrake,SuSe, to name but a few. ive been recently trying to find out the best system for me and im gonna go with mandrake 9.2.:D give it a good thought i think i can remember you saying you had a dial up connection. so you might be able to find a shop near you who'll sort you out a copy of knoppix.
ps its free as well. well worth giving it a go.
and theres also a few other live-cds aswell give it a look

hi drummerboy.thanks for the link to knoppix.com.i will be checking that out for shoure thanks.and i got my cd to boot it was so easy all i did was add the microsoft boot image to the cd with nero burning rom.it took me 10 minutes to do it and it boots with no problems.thanks for all your help.and iam going to readup on knoppix.the only os i know about is windows so it will be a good learning experience for me thanks again............

no worries mate. that was a good idea you came up with but. hehe.
im the same when it comes to OS so im well looking forward to learning linux:)

before you install linux on your system be sure your devices are going to work, my other computer has a wireless internet card and it doesnt work with linux =\ so im sol with that just be carefull cause linux isnt very user friendly at times:-|

hi.drummerboy.where did you come up with the idea to try linux out.and why linux????????

hi.joe.thanks for the heads up on linux.sins i know nothing about it i will go very slowly..........

hi.drummerboy.where did you come up with the idea to try linux out.and why linux????????

well ive been interested in linux for some time now but never done nothing about it. until i read knoppix for newbies by tekmaven. which kinda suprised me because i thought tekmaven didnt like linux or at least preffered windows.
when i first tried knoppix live cd iwas amazed at how "easy"(that will probably cause debate) the transition was it wasnt that different from windows only better, its not prone (to the best of my recently aquired knowledge) to flaws like most viruses and security flawsthat windows is plagued with. and you can have a look at how it works and with the right study you can learn how to adapt it to your own prefferences and if youre a right computer whiz you can write and edit it to your own requirements and share it as your own OS (ill never make it that far.lol) but its pros are almost limitless.
joes right about the hardware issue but theres nearly always a fix you could post here or visit a forum related to your choice of linux they're always on hand to help a newbie. i only had one problem with knoppix, it didnt recognise my onboard sound which i managed to sort out my self easily.
I highly recommend knoppix live cd for wetting the appetite so to speak im now ashamed to say it but i honestly thought linux would ressemble DOS (silly me)
but theres loads of literature on linux like these,
and this cool linux google search engine
you could also check this thread out where you can see my bumbling attempts at discovering more about linux.its educational (well it was for me) and weather channel is very knowledgable and seems like his thoughts are a bit contraversial to some
i hope this helps mate:D

hi.drummerboy.thanks for all the links.that should keep me busy for awile thanks...

no worries blue. glad i helped

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