I have some machines with ubuntu which are experiencing issues when printing. I know it is a driver issue, Savin doesn't have a linux driver on the webpage. Any ideas anyone?

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Current Linux systems use the CUPS printer system. You need to find a CUPS driver set for the Savin. What model is this printer?

Edit: Ok, I looked on the savin web site to see if there are Linux drivers for this printer (Savin 4022), but only found ones for Windows and Mac. I did find with google search a link for open source drivers on the Linux Foundation site, but when I tried to access the information it came up as "site down for maintenance. Try again later". Here is a link so you can try later: http://www.openprinting.org/driver/pxlmono-Savin

Yeah i found that same site and used the wayback machine to view the page, but had no luck with the download

Yeah i found that same site and used the wayback machine to view the page, but had no luck with the download

The site is still down. It is maintained by The Linux Foundation and they had a serious security breach last month, requiring them to revamp all of their web sites (kernel.org, linuxfoundation.org, linux.com, openprinting.org, et al). It may be that they haven't finished fixing the openprinting site yet - some of the others just got back online this past week. So, you may have to wait a bit to get a current/valid download. Not much I can do about that other than to suggest you keep trying the openprinting.org link from time-to-time until it is back in operation.

Ok gotchya, I got it to work today using a c.u.p.s-gutenburg driver supplied by Ubuntu. It was printing out extra pages from adobe reader, but i believe that was due to the print as image option being checked. Thanks for your help

Glad you got a work-around functioning. There are a lot of gutenburg drivers for various printers, most of which work ok. I'd still suggest visiting the openprinting.org site when it is back online to see if there may be something better for your situation.

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