Is there anyone out there willing to give me a pretty much step by step instruction on how to use apache, or any software program to start the server. I am using RedHat 9 and i am using a graphic mode. If you could tell me how to set it up using the graphic mode that would be very helpful thank you

I use Fedora Core, which is *almost* the same as Redhat. So maybe this will work for you, maybe not. I don't know how to use any of the GUI tools.

At a shell prompt, as root type this:

service httpd start

If Apache is already running, that command will produce a warning. If Apache is not running, it will attempt to start it. If there is a problem starting, it will give you a message. Otherwise, it will just start the service and return you to a prompt. If Apache starts, open a web browser and go to your server. On your Linux server, you can go to http://localhost. Otherwise, on another computer, go to http://<ip address of your linux server>

This may help get you started. Of course actually configuring a specific setup is a whole other ball of wax.

You configure Apache by editing the conf file. I think on RH, this is at /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf. Make a copy of this file as a backup in case you mess it up. Everytime you make a change, you have to restart Apache to see your changes.

service httpd restart

Enjoy the journey!