somebody please help me i am using AMD processor and AUSUS motherboard
with 1gb ram ....i have installed feroda ...i have a realtek network card,
my question is why am i not able to connect this system through remote i mean through a program called "putty" i have no firewals installed whatsoever i am not able to connect not able to ping ...sshd and httpd are always running..i have restarted the services but still in vain.

can some one please help me i am in crisis


What does ifconfig tell you? Is the card online? How about the logs? Is the card there? Did it load properly at boot time? Can the fedora computer ping anything else? Do you see activity on the switch lights? Is the switch properly plugged in, and all cables good and working?

Once ping is working, you might need to talk to xinetd to see if that service is disabled. I have seen RH9 things like telnet and ftp disabled. I tend to enable them, and then firewall them out, as I use linux boxes as routers...

Anyways, I have never had a problem with a 3Com card in RH Linux, and that was the question on the floor.



I've got a Realtek8139 card, which, aside from SiS NICs, are pretty much the network chipset of choice for most OEM board manufacturers. My current desktop system has one of these cards, and it runs just fine under RedHat 9, so I'd assume it would work under Fedora. Additionally, I have about 3 of these as PCI NICs, and I've used them in a number of Linux systems. I've never had a problem with them. Barring hardware failure, you've probably got some kind of IP addressing issue, or maybe the module isn't loaded...