Hey,i have red hat 9 and windows XP o one machine......there is problem when ever i boot linux it takes 10 min to boot..it takes lot of time saying starting send mail....the some sclient...these two things take lot of time in booting.cant i stop these services.....there is one more problem...last few times when ever i boot linux my mouse is not detected.can u help me with this plz....


Linux startups can vary on how long they take based upon what services you are loading, along with how many devices are surrounding the system.

For example, sendmail may be doing some tests for network connectivity, or DNS connectivity. If your network is not defined properly, sendmail may be waiting for things to timeout before allowing the computer to continue booting up.

As the root user, you can control the way things startup on your machine. As an advanced root user, you can get in there and change the order of booting.

As for your mouse, you can try running kudzu to re-detect it.


Machines with no server things like mail, http and samba etc... load very quick but yeah - the more services - the slower it boots.

if you watch it boot up what is it getting stuck on, ntp, sendmail, etc?