Hi Im busy setting up a Redhat 8 server. I got samba running but there are a few issues I still need to sort out (I am new to linux servers so have a dose of patience)

1) I got samba set up but I need it to run automatically upon startup
2) Need to get sendmail running (a tutorial would be apprciated/or a link to one)
3)I need an app that monitors network activity and can give me a graphical output that I will be able to export to exel or summin.

Any extra info/help will be highly appreciated. If you wondering why RH8 and not 9? I dunno they want 8 for some reason. :/

Thanking you in advance

I'm not sure about number 3, but I can at least shed some light on 1 and 2:

Red Hat uses a Sys V style init setup. Basically, you have a bunch of scripts in /etc/init.d . Those scripts are symlinked to locations in /etc/rc?.d, where the ? is a number between 1 and 6.

Did you install Sendmail and Samba from the RPM packages? They should have placed those entries in there. If not, I'd study up on using the chkconfig utility-- that is what Red Hat uses to configure the scripts located in /etc/rc?.d directories.

Under Fedora which is similar to redhat use redhat-config-services and set smb and winbind to on then save so they is activated on bootup. Also,I know of lots of monitors and packet spy programs but excel - I dont think so...