hi! i'm trying to install adobe cs3 in ubuntu but it really wont work. Me i know the reason why? and what software do i need to make me work in PHP using the OS ubuntu?

{rolls eyes and sighs!}

OK, I'm assuming this is a Windows version of CS3 that you are trying to install on Ubuntu, which is a Linux based OS.

If that is the case you should know that Linux is not Windows, Windows applications do not run on Linux or vice versa!

At least not by default anyway....

If you install Wine, which is basically a Windows emulator/compatibility layer (Search for it in ubuntu's package manager or the software centre) you can install and run some Windows applications on your Linux box.
But be warned, it doesn't work with every Windows program.
The Wine projects website lists lots of programs that will run properly under Wine and also lists configuration options to improve the performance of some applications that don't run quite so well.

I'm not sure if CS3 will successfully install or run under Wine in Linux, you'll have to take a look at the wine website, or try it for yourself.

Otherwise have you considered using any free / open source alternatives to CS3 on Ubuntu??
For example instead of Fireworks or Photoshop, you could try Gimp.
Instead of Illustrator you could try Inkscape. Instead of Flash, you could use the free Adobe Flex SDK.

Regarding PHP development, you'll most likely need to install an apache server, mysql and php5.
Take a look at these links:

They contain all the information you need to get everything set up to do web-development using php.

Cheers for now,

sorry for late reply. ok i will try this at home and i know this is not easy to me to work with ubuntu but i will try to do it. thank you.

Why waste your time. Get Aptana. trust me you will fall in love. Also vim is also handy.

Learn a little css and you will not need WYSIWYG IDE's.

That is if you want to trade as a programmer.

try it. its ease ;)


Did you get CS3 to work? The wine website has a very old test result that says it does not...did you try it and have any luck?