As this section would imply; I don't know much. ...About using Linux!

I have installed(dual boot) Suse 9.2 with a KDE enviroment and my diplay is all distorted, my videocard wasn't listed in the hardware section of installation. I have downloaded a Linux driver from ATI but I have no idea how to run it! If I am to fiddle with this OS, I'd like to see what I'm doing.



I am brand new to SuSE myself, having worked with RedHat / Fedora for a long time. If you left your computer so that it boots into the text mode, then you have a chance to login as root and work with the file system. I would see if you could edit some files... /etc/X11/xorg.conf and tell your computer to use 800x600 and maybe 16 bits of color.

Bear in mind that editing that file could make things worse! I would think your short-term goal is to get visual stability, and then from there, start working with greater resolutions.

I am afraid I cannot help you much further-- I am still getting to know SuSE... it is different than RedHat, and I don't want to send you down the wrong road.