Hi everyone,

I am trying to perform an Apache (2.0.54) and PHP installation under Win XP. Having greatly messed up Apache's httpd.conf file, I decided to uninstall Apache (using Window's Control Panel) and then re-install it. But the problem is that whenever I re-install Apache, the httpd.conf file is not "reset", i.e. the exact same file that I messed up pops up again! I cannot access http://localhost at all, so does anyone know how to completely uninstall Apache in order to get a fresh httpd.conf file? Or do I have to take the drastic step of formatting my hard-drive :sad: ?

hey, you do realize there is a default .conf file right? you can just delete the old one and make a copy of the new one. httpd.default.conf is the back up new copy. just delete httpd.conf and copy/rename httpd.default.conf as httpd.conf.
if you really insist on installing a new copy... uninstall the program like you did again. then delete the entire apache folder then reinstall. volia! if you have any problems let me know.


I have tried to do what you recommended and it worked just fine!

Thank you very much.