Can anyone tell me what are the different types shells and kernels present in both windows OS and linux.......

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Shell is something you interface with OS via Black screen.
For Linux is something like bash and windows is CMD

Kernel is the heart of OS, shell is not
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kernel is the main source of O.S.7 another side shells are the verbel media of O.s

Kernels are mainly of two types-Monolithic kernel and microkernel and shell is a command interpreter.There are several shells available such as Bash,korn,c etc.

there's many different types of shells in linux , all of them have the main set of commands , but each has more functionality in some specific field , some types of shells :
Bourne shell (sh)
Korn Shell(ksh)
c shell (csh)
Bourne again shell(bash)
z shell(zsh)
TC shell (tc)

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