Heya, I've had enough of windows and I'm attempting to install Ubuntu 8.10 desktop i386 version. The installation and everything works fine, but when I remove the cd (as asked to) and reboot the computer I get the message "Grub error 22".. I've been using ubuntu before but never seen this error earlier.

I've tried the tips I've found via google and none has worked. And for the record; I had windows on this hdd previously but I formated the hdd and installed the ubuntu version mentioned above.

I don't know what to do and I don't want to install windows again, I'd love some assistance. (No I do not wish to have a dual boot setup)

Thanks in advance.

Assuming the HDD has no problems (no bad sectors, etc), if you first remove all the existing partitions (including any OEM service partitions that DELL and HP install on their machines), you should be able to let Ubuntu automatically setup all the partitions back on the HDD that it needs and be fine.

The error you are getting appears to be a problem with the MBR. You can use a program like GPARTED Live CD (free bootable partition software) to remove all of the partitions if you are having trouble doing that with the Ubuntu setup.

Thank you for your reply. But the problem dissappeared when I reinstalled ubuntu for the 5th time. Odd but I'm happy :)

Gotta love computers. If at first it doesn't work, keep pressing the button until it does. :P