are there any issues of using a php script that sends via a dedicated linux box to an address from an email address different from the domain on this box?

so for example domain is: mydomain.com on dedicated box, someone comes to the site and sends an email to a friend at say joebloggs@hotmail.com

however the enterered from address is not an address of mydomain.com, but instead say yahoo.com.

is this fine to do or will it cause problems with ip address blacklisting etc?

thanks for your help

You would run into a lot of issues with authenticating as a valid email server for the domain you are trying to send as. I know my email servers would reject your messages as being bogus spam due to your server not being a valid server for that domain. You can only send email from your email addresses.

thanks rodney,

so it is not possible to do this.

i constantly get asked this for to send mailshots from a different website as i have seen this on some car websites it shows from say me email address to yours but from their site.

Well it is possible to send from a domain you have access to or through a different email server but you need a login to send from on that domain.

Its possible but some bad guys will use your server for spamming spree.

do you really need this??


yeah it is someting that would be great to have, the users would be using it to send legit emails to clients so not spammers. companies who are trusted to be using the system but guess they will just have to export and manually send via their own mail client?


Are you planning to build your own mail system?

or you want something that users can use to only send out email where the from tag will be that it comes from a complete mail system right?

The from tag will not! but the reply to can be changed so if the recipient which to reply, it will reply to the reply-to email of your user.

Is that what you wanted?


i think the best way to do it is to just let them send the mail from their client as i have been asked if it all possible to email from the site from their company email address to clients. but obviously the users email domain is different from the website domain so it looks like it will cause problems and no way around.

thanks anyway

I would recommend that you have it so the entered e-mail address is the "reply-to" address in the e-mail like richieking suggests so that when you click reply, it'll automatically have that e-mail in the "To" box. This way the e-mail sent using the form is still sent using your domain so it shouldn't cause blacklisting.

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