I'm having some serious-sounding trouble using a fat32 partition with linux. here are all (i think) the important stats:

Distro: Kubuntu 5.04
/dev/hdb5 /home/../storage FAT32 user,gir=users,chmod=7777 0 0

mount -t vfat /dev/hdb5 /home/../storage

after it is mounted properly, (I'm working on my XP boot right now, so some of the previous syntax might be wrong, but it does work) whenever I read from it, i get a very stern-sounding clicking noise. it runs considerably slower than on windows, and there are also sound errors when i try to play music. (i have not tested video, I was too afraid that my rig would explode) the clicking is regular, and somewhat slow. on XP, it purrs like a kitten, i mean, i can hardly hear it when i put my ear up to it, and it sounds perfectly healthy.

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Update on that: it's doing it in XP again...

the LAST thing i want to do is admit it won't read it properly and have to copy my music back onto my primary, then send my drive back to get a new one...


If your drive is making ugly noises like that, it's probably bad, hate to tell you. That's the only reason why I didn't respond, initially-- it sounded so funky, I was unwilling to accept that there was something in any OS that would make something like that occur, and not in another OS.


ahh well. i guess that's that then. i'll send it off in the morning. i'm glad i kept all the old packaging...

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