Ok so here's the thing I have a site with the directory /forum/

If you go to that directory it shows a directory listing. This is not something that I want. The reason for this directory showing though is because the index page is .php.

I was told that I could use a .htaccess file to change the DirectoryIndex choice to .php, but I was also told that I could use a redirect.

I have tried both. Last night I was told that I needed to do something with/to the server because my site uses a .net domain. Is this true has? does anyone else know anything about this?

All I want this file to do is take www-mysite-/forum to www-mysite/forum/index.php

These are 2 of the different variations that I have tried.
But neither of these or anyother .htaccess worked

DiretoryIndex index.php
Redirect /forum htt://mysite/forum/index.php

Any help with this would be appreciated

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I moved this thread; it's not a JavaScript programming question. I think you'll get better responses in the Server Configuration forum.


Thanks. I wasn't quite sure where to put it. But I figured it would fit in with the HTML and all the other somewhere, but thanks :)


ok.. guys you can forget .htaccess

I have a small HTML file that you will like to view

At this Topic I posted on an easy way to hide a directory or redirect from a directory or old page.

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