ok it seems X is really embedded into suse. Its really a dumb paradox as the driver needs to be out of x to install. and that this driver IS for suse 8.2. whoever made the thing needs their head cleaned out with a shotgun.
anyway how do i completely get out of X in suse 8.2
i tire the ctrl+alt+F1 and it does get me to a text screen. however it is still in a fancy graphic box.
if i cant has anyone made an RPM for suse 8.2, no other versions as they dont work! or can i force the driver to install even if in x?

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seeing that i only need to be out of it once it seems a bit too much. i just want to turn it off for the install. I really dont want to change boot unless i have to

by the way the ctrl+alt+F1 is similar as if u bound a full screen dos box to that key combo

Well, worst comes to worst, just change the runlevel because it only involves editing one number in one file and rebooting. But there has to be a way to do it. Sorry the only *nix systems I've ever used are RedHat and Mac OS X.

well at least u are not giving me bogus BS like the morons in other forums.

ctrl + alt + backspace will kill the X server.

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